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Version History

Oct 2023 (2)

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • FIX: Resolved an issue where if a file being scanned had malformed Version Information it could trigger a false positive detection for Potentially Unwanted Software.

Oct 2023

  • Main Program

    • FIX: Resolved an issue created in Build 2983: FastScan and Updater Scheduled Tasks settings were not being re-enabled properly if the User had chosen to disable them, and then wanted to re-enable either of these settings.

  • Updater

    • MOD: improved handling of full database updates.

Sep 2023

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • NEW: added scanning for executable Alternate Data Streams during Folder scans.

    • NEW: added scanning of Network Provider (ProtocolCatalog9) entries for planted malware Dll files.

    • MOD: 64Bit Layered Service Provider network entries now checked during repair when necessary.

    • MOD: Folder scan now correctly handles scanning of archive files with international characters.

    • MOD: various minor fixes.

Aug 2023

  • Help Update 10.3.3

    • NEW: added information on new alert screens.

May 2023

  • Updater

    • MOD: Updates to handle Unicode databases.

    • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Oct 2022

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • FIX: Program updates 2981/1373 introduced an error in parsing Dll files loaded by Rundll32.exe.

    • FIX: Scanning a file of zero-size would show a false Suspicious.Packer alert - this error was introduced in Updates 2980/1372.

    • FIX: When trusting Microsoft-signed files some scan sections were still logging information on these files.

    • MOD: Individual file scans via Windows Explorer now correctly handle Unicode filenames.

    • MOD: File Exclusion routines now correctly handle Unicode filenames.

    • Helpfile updated.

Aug 2022

  • Updater

    • FIX: The option to relaunch the Main Program after an update was mistakenly removed, this has been put back in place.

Jul 2022

  • Main Program

    • FIX: Main Program update 2980 incorrectly read the User setting to enable/disable the scan of Running Processes. This led to that part of the scan not running in certain instances, even though it had not been disabled by the User.


  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

    • BootExecute checks modified to handle Unicode entries.

    • Main Program no longer requires Administrator rights when run by a non-Admin User - this ensures that settings, exclusions etc. are correctly set at a per-user level.

    • If an invalid Username/Key combination was entered when registering or renewing, an "Unknown Error" message would be displayed. This was a mistake, the correct specific reasons for failure are now shown again.

    • Updater now uses https connections when available.

    • All Update Servers added back into the XP version so it no longer only uses just the one server.

May 2022

  • Added updating of Secure Connection DLLs.

Mar 2022

  • Updater

    • FIX: fix a bug when installing new database files.

Jan 2022

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • NEW: added heuristic detection for malware loaded by Scheduled Tasks.

    • MOD: FastScan settings for standard User accounts now inherit settings configured when the main Trojan Remover program is run. A future update should allow standard User accounts to configure their own scan settings.

Nov 2021

  • Upated Uninstaller component to remove redundant registry entries.

Jul 2021

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • FIX: removed false detection on new Firefox Scheduled Updates Task.

Jun 2021

  • Main Program, Updater

    • NEW: added routines to handle Windows 10 Exploit Mitigation and Controlled Folder Access settings.

Feb 2021

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • NEW: added new heuristic tests for specific malware registry entries.

    • UPDATE: Helpfile updated.

    • UPDATE: Uninstaller updated.

Nov 2020

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • NEW: the main program Help | About Trojan Remover | Version Info screen now shows whether any program component updates are available.

    • FIX: removed intermittent false positive rootkitted file alert on an Open Hardware Monitor driver.

    • FIX: under certain circumstances the Trojan Remover logfile was not being correctly written after a scan had been completed.

    • FIX: if malware entries were identified in the HOSTS file Trojan Remover would fail to repair the file due to changes made in an earlier build. This has now been fixed.

Oct 2020

  • Updater

    • FIX: resolved a rare instance where database files might not update correctly.

Sep 2020

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • NEW: improved scanning of BootExecute entries.

    • MOD: more efficient file signature checking.

  • Updater

    • NEW: Updated Windows 10 version checks.

    • FIX: if more than one program component update was available only the first component would be offered as an update.

Jun 2020

  • Main Program

    • NEW: Updated Windows 10 version checks for May 2020 Update.

    • FIX: an error in build 2971 meant that "Prompt for Action" when scanning folders was not showing the alert form so the User could not determine the action to take.

May 2020

  • Main Program

    • NEW: Scan progress is now shown visually in the taskbar icon (Windows 7 and up).

    • NEW: visual scan progress now shown when using the drive/folder scan.

    • FIX: stopped the drive/folder scan from creating and then deleting numerous temporary shortcut files whilst extracting file icons for the folder display.

  • Updater

    • NEW: improved download progress indication

    • NEW: now handles XP/Vista updates separately to Windows 7 and above, so we can continue to support existing installations on those systems whilst allowing us to use later Windows routines not available on the earlier systems.

Mar 2020 (2)

  • Main Program, FastScan

    • FIX: updated the fix to exclusion routines.

    • FIX: the buttons on certain dialogs would not work if running on XP, following the update to

Mar 2020

  • Main Program

    • FIX: corrected errors raised when trying to exclude files from scanning, if no previous exclusions existed.

    • NEW: improved detection for PowerShell file-less exploits.

    • FIX: SAFE MODE default registry key restoral was not working correctly.

Dec 2019

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater 1.1.40.

  • NEW: added alerting for Proxy Server if intercepting internet traffic on the local Loopback port ( A Proxy Server active on any other port will not be alerted on, but details of the proxy will be added to the logfile.

  • NEW: added Component Version information to the About Trojan Remover screen.

Nov 2019

  • Updater

  • Improvements to the way in which program components that require Administrator rights to update are handled.

Oct 2019 (2)

  • Updater

  • FIX: In certain circumstances helpfile version information was not being correctly updated after a helpfile update so the update was offered repeatedly.

Oct 2019

  • Main Program, Updater

  • NEW: added Utility to remove an Internet Proxy Server if one is established.

Aug 2019

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

  • FIX: a Windows Update on Aug 13 2019 meant Trojan Remover was not correctly verifying certain Windows Dlls resulting in a false positive alert.

  • FIX: Build 1135 of the Updater was inadvertently writing to a debug logfile as well as the normal logfile.

Jun 2019

  • Main Program, FastScan

  • MOD: updates for Windows 10 May 2019 release (version 1903).

Mar 2019 (2)

  • Main Program Improved scan and repair of HOSTS files.

  • Fixed a registration key issue where the FastScan was not being re-registered when a renewal key was entered.

  • Updater Added better handling of update file extraction when Windows Defender is scanning the files after they are downloaded.

Mar 2019

  • Updater Now detects whether automatic daily update checks are enabled, and offers to enable them if they are not. Added routines to bypass non-working proxy server connections.

Nov 2018

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

  • NEW: Updater (when run manually) now only requests Administrator privileges if absolutely needed, most operations should not need to make such a request.

  • NEW: TRElevationHelper component, used by the Updater if Administrator privileges are needed.

  • NEW: 64bit Shell Extension to provide the Windows Explorer context menu entry.

  • MOD: updated heuristic scans.

  • MOD: added new icon for Windows Explorer context menu entry.

  • FIX: Windows 10 version 1803 Pro and above incorrectly logged as Enterprise.

Sep 2018

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

  • NEW: program updates can now be downloaded and installed automatically during scheduled updates, in the same way as database updates are handled. This option can be controlled from the Update Settings menu of the main Trojan Remover program.

  • FIX: certain dialogs which contained options checkboxes were not showing these checkboxes correctly.

Aug 2018

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

  • NEW: added options for the Logon and Daily FastScan to Run Silent, i.e. invisible, but if an alert or dialog needs to be shown then the FastScan will automatically become visible. Running Silent becomes the default for new installations.

  • UPDATE: changes to the licence key entry screen to provide better indication of possible typing errors when entering the key.

  • FIX: when running silent the Updater would detect minor program component updates were available but would not install them automatically, nor show itself to allow a manual update to be completed.

Jul 2018

  • Updater

  • Improved efficiency when multiple database updates are required.

Jul 2018

  • FastScan, Updater

  • Added more error checking to the Updater when program updates are installed to avoid a situation where, if an update was blocked by an external program, Trojan Remover could be left in an unworkable state and require a re-install.

  • Fix: on Windows 10 systems the FastScan's Cancel Scan button would sporadically fail to end the scan.

Jun 2018

  • Main Program updated to

  • Fix: Scheduled Tasks running signed Microsoft programs were not being correctly scanned for ancillary malware possibilities.

May 2018

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • New: added scanning routine to check for browsers launched via Scheduled Tasks to open either malicious, or adware-dependent, web pages.

  • Fix: the update to version broke updates on Windows Vista due to the way that system checks digital signatures. This update resolves the issue, but users on Windows Vista will need to download and install a new copy of the program from the Downloads page (no need to uninstall the current version first).

May 2018

  • Updater Program updated to

  • New: Updater now displays a link to this page if any program update is available, so the user can view what changes have been made.

May 2018

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • New: added detection for malware launched via Command Processor AutoRun entries.

  • New: added scanning of programs launched via the Program Compatibility Assistant.

Mar 2018

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • New: added detection for malware using Explorer.exe to automatically launch web pages.

  • Fix: if a Scheduled Task was detected loading malware, the Scheduled Task was not being correctly deleted (although the loading malware would still have been disabled correctly).

  • Helpfile updates.

Feb 2018

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • New: added scanning for rogue Firefox browser extensions.

  • New: added routine to check for Python scripts loaded at boot-time.

  • New: added settings to create and modify daily updates scheduling.

  • Updater updated to speedier database updating, and now identifies which download servers are in the EU and which are in the US.

Nov 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • New: added scanning of applications loaded as services using proxy service loaders.

  • New: added routine to schedule daily FastScans, to complement the FastScan that runs when the system starts, or a new user logs on.

  • Mod: re-categorised the Settings menu (previously the "Options" menu) to make sub-groups for Scan, FastScan and Update settings.

Aug 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • Improved scanning of Scheduled Tasks launched from Task sub-folders.

  • Improved parsing of Script commands.

  • Bug fix: attempting to exclude a registry entry from future scanning would fail if an exclusions file did not already exist.

June 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • The installer now downloads the databases separately to ensure the latest are always installed (an offline installer is provided for use on systems not connected to the Internet).

  • Bug fix: a conflict with Norton's Internet Security has been identified and resolved.

  • Bug fix: a heuristic scan module was raising a false alert when run on an XP system, if the scan was "Run As" a different user to the logged on user.

April 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • Added detection and fixing of hijacked browser and program shortcuts in order to deal with redirects created by the likes of,, and others.

  • Modified file exclusion routines so they are only applied to the local machine, not to any roaming profile.

Mar 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to

  • Added new heuristics to detect file-less malware spawned using PowerShell.

Jan 2017

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to, Updater to

  • Improved scan speed times.

  • Minor fixes.

Oct 16, 2016

  • Main Program updated to, FastScan to, Updater to

  • Fixed false positive on the Microsoft Windows userinit.exe file, which was being shown on 32bit versions of Windows 10 (Version 1607).

  • Modified the Updater logfile truncation routine to correctly truncate from the earliest entries first.

Sep 2016

  • Main Program, FastScan, Updater

  • Added whitelisting for Norton's Security service entries to prevent false alerts that such services were "missing".

  • Expanded digital signature scanning.

  • Updater: added "Auto Select" Download Server option. This will cycle randomly through the Download Servers to find the first available server automatically., 1st July 2016

  • Added scanning of 64bit ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers and ShellExecuteHooks.

  • Fix for context menu individual file scan.

May 2016

  • Main program, FastScan, Updater

  • Added improved detection routines for malicious scripts loaded via the Windows PowerShell.

  • Added exclusion routines for Scheduled Tasks and Registry Entries where the entries are loading legitimate files, but may be calling malware scripts.

  • The on-boot FastScan (if not disabled) will now automatically check for program updates periodically.

  • If the main Trojan Remover program is active when the Updater updates the databases the main program is notified, and the new databases are active for the next scan to be run.

  • If the Updater program is launched from either the main Trojan Remover program or the FastScan, it will offer the option to restart the calling program on closing.

Feb 2016 (2)

  • Main Program updated to version 6.9.4 build 2943.

  • FastScan updated to version 6.9.4 build 1344.

  • This update adds improved detection for malware loading from malformed registry entries.

Feb 2016

  • FastScan updated to version 6.9.3 build 1343 - minor bug fixes, and removed a debugging message left in the release version by mistake.

Jan 2016

  • Main Program updated to version 6.9.3 build 2942.

  • FastScan updated to version 6.9.3 build 1342.

  • Updater updated to version

  • Added new 64bit rootkit detection routine.

  • Button sizes changed to improve touchscreen access (you may need to resize forms to see the larger buttons properly).

  • Suppressed evaluation information warnings so they are less intrusive.

Oct 2015

  • Main Program updated to version 6.9.3 build 2940.

  • FastScan updated to version 6.9.3 build 1340.

  • This update adds detection for malware files loaded via a Shell32 call.



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